We’ve all been busy obsessing over the latest season of The Crown – but it’s kind of left us yearning for the 80’s! We always knew the 80’s was an iconic decade for style and from fashion to hair we have loved looking back at the styles of some of the most famous people in the world in this glamorous new Netflix show!

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Luckily, there are ways you can enjoy iconic hairstyles from this decade with a modern twist. Here are a few ideas:

Curly Fringe – Anyone with curly hair and a fringe can probably tell you this: it can be so much hassle to have to straighten your fringe every day. Stop taming it into submission and let your curls loose – or, if you have straight hair and you want to rock the curly look, use a curling wand to give your fringe volume. Curl away from your face for the most flattering look.

The Perm – The perm fell out of favour pretty fast after the early nineties – but it’s back. Modern perms are more relaxed – think pretty, loose, beachy waves for a more natural vibe. If you struggle to hold curls in your hair for long, it’s worth thinking about.

The Shag – The iconic, Debbie Harry-style shag hair cut has always been cool. Ask for soft layers and a long fringe, and grab hold of a decent texturizing spray, which can help to give your hair a lot of depth and texture.

Bow Headbands – A cheap and cheerful way to bring the 80’s back – a big velvet bow in your hair will bring retro vibes without doing anything too drastic. These are becoming more popular, so you can expect to pick these up pretty cheaply – you can grab multiple colours to suit your mood.

Bow Barrettes – They’ve been back for a while, but barrettes are still going strong, and a barrette with a bow can bring a slightly more subtle nod to the 80’s if you don’t want a larger headband.

Crimped Hair – Crimped hair looks so distinctive, but it adds texture and dimension to long hair. Crimping your hair and brushing it through can give a softer look, and it was surprisingly popular on the catwalk this year.

Asymmetric Styles – Asymmetrical hair is starting to come back again, but you can recreate this look without having a fresh cut – creating a deep part and flipping your hair over can give you volume and give the illusion of asymmetry.

The Glamorous Blow Dry – If you want full-blown glamour? Dry learning to blow dry your hair properly at home. Use a good volumizing mousse, apply it to the roots, and then flip your head forward and blow dry. You can also use a round brush for extra volume. It takes a bit of practice to get the salon-fresh look, but if you do have a bit of extra time on your hands right now, it’s a good skill to have!

The Side Ponytail – You don’t have to go quite as extreme as some of the popular 80’s side-ponytails – a more casual, up-to-date side pony is bang on trend. A low ponytail, swept to one side, with some tendrils loose is a pretty look that will feel subtly 80’s.

To make this look your own talk to the experienced team at Alchemy&I Hairdressers in Berkhamsted so they can help you look as glamorous as those on the small screen!