The 90’s have been creeping back into style for a while now – dresses over t-shirts, Doc Martens, plaid skirts and crop tops have become staples again. When it comes to hair, it’s about to come back in a big way.

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If you’re thinking of shaking up your look, why not get some inspiration from the 90’s? You can go for it as subtly or boldly as you like – there are lots of options out there. The Alchemy & I team can take that 90’s vibe and create something modern just for you – Here are a few ideas:

Flipped Ends – Remember flipped ends? Poker straight hair with an outwards flip at the end gives off a classic 90’s vibe. This is easily done with a round barrel brush and a hairdryer. If you want a different look, try flipping your hair inwards instead, or flipping the ends of a ponytail.

Crimped Hair – Crimped hair brings back a strong early 90’s feel. It’s a strong look, but it’s coming back! You can achieve this the traditional (and fast) way, using crimpers, or you can divide your hair into small, tight plaits overnight and let them loose in the morning.

Loose Updo – A good updo with long, wispy sections at the front represented the height of elegance in the 90’s. You can bring this style back in a softer way by going for a messy bun with some sections hanging down. It’s a bit less severe, but still has a nostalgic vibe – and it’s pretty easy to do.

Pixie Cut – The pixie cut was very popular in the 90’s (think Halle Berry), and for good reason – it’s a cute haircut that suits oval, square, and heart-shaped faces very well. This short, choppy style could be a big change, so speak to your hairdresser first – and make sure you’ve got some texturizing spray or wax handy, as that will give you the look that you’re after.

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Feathered Fringe – A feathered fringe is a strong look that was popular in the 80’s through to the 90’s. This look can be achieved by a series of vertical cuts into your fringe. You don’t have to go full volume, however. A few celebs have rocked this look in a much softer way in recent years, like Amanda Holden and Tyra Banks.

The Rachel – The Rachel is a pretty strong look. This bouncy, layered cut isn’t for the faint hearted (and Jennifer Aniston even admitted that she didn’t like it at the time). However, it can be incredibly flattering. It can highlight your cheekbones and flatter your face shape, and some celebrities have been sporting it recently, including Sienna Miller.

Accessories – If you don’t feel up to making a change to your hair, why not switch things up with accessories? Claw clips (yes, even outside of the house!), barrettes, elaborately decorated headbands and velvet scrunchies are all back in a big way, and it can give you a much-needed shakeup without having to make any drastic changes. It’s the perfect excuse to go shopping and try out some different looks.