The phrase ‘a good hairdresser is worth their weight in gold’ has never been more true or more appreciated now we are all in lockdown along with our hair!

Our hair is our crowning glory and at the moment, some weeks into lockdown, for most of us it is certainly looking less than, so here are some great tips on caring for your hair in these strange times and until you can see your hairdresser again.

Advice for covering up roots – When it comes to roots go with the ABC approach. Always Be Cautious! If you decide your roots are too bad and you must cover with a home hair dye then make a note of the brand and date so you can tell your hairdresser what you put on your hair when it is time to get your creation corrected! If you can resist putting colour on, then do so. Hats, scarfs, hairbands can all be used to detract from the root growth for as long as we are all apart.

Home fringe cutting – A side-swept fringe is not only quite stylish it will stop you from making a mess when you try to cut your own fringe. Clips and grips are your friend to keep the fringe out of your eyes when you are working from home. If you do have to cut it, do it when it is dry otherwise it will bounce up higher than you expected.

A complete colour change – This is not recommended to do at home, as a quick home fix can take months to correct if you get it wrong. Work with what you have and as you don’t have any social engagements, sticking with what you have is the best way forward.

Cutting your own hair – Put the scissors down! Unless you really know what, you are doing then the best advice is to not cut your own hair. For the guys a shave can be a quick fix as long as you know it may take some time to grow back to your desired length. For those of us with long hair just let it grow. If you have too, use the skinniest and sharpest scissors you can find for a light touch, be gentle and take your time.

Care for your hair – As we all don’t have any special parties or events to go to now is a really good time to invest some time into the wellbeing of your hair. Buy a hair mask or deep cleanse, don’t wash your hair as often and don’t use any heated tools or products and give your hair a natural break.

Hairdressers Berkhamsted

The experienced team at Alchemy & I in Berkhamsted know how important your hair is to you and so have set up a priority appointment scheme (accessed via the website). This means as soon as we are able to open our doors again you will be first in the queue to reset your ‘do’!