If you’ve always loved the glitz and glamour of the 1920’s, you’re in luck. We love it too – and the hair was particularly iconic.

The team at Alchemy & I love to take inspiration from all eras and trends and the twenties certainly has a strong look! Whatever type of hairstyle you are looking for the experienced team at Berkhamsted favourite hair salon can deliver!

Twenties Hairstyles we Love

Whether you’re planning on a 1920’s post-lockdown party, or you just want to appreciate the style of the era, here’s a rundown of the most popular looks from the roaring twenties.

Twenties Hairstyle – The Bob

When you picture the 1920’s, you might think of the iconic bob. Short hair was very fashionable in the 1920’s, with many women choosing to visit the barbers to get their hair cut as short as they wanted!

You can take inspiration from this era by going for a freshly cut bob. Many women were chopping their hair short back then, with frizzy, messy waves being very popular in the early twenties – so fear not if you have naturally curly hair. A choppy, messy bob will still look stylish on you.

If you have straight hair, meanwhile, you can take inspiration from the glossy bobs that were popular at the end of the decade, with a short fringe being particularly popular at the time.

Twenties Hairstyle – The Faux Bob

If you want to hang onto your hair, try taking some inspiration from the women of the twenties by playing around with the way you wear your bun.

Some women didn’t want to do something as drastic as cutting off their hair, but they still loved the look of a bob – so they replicated it. They did this by creating a neat bun at the nape of the neck, with the hair laying quite flat against the head. Other popular styles included flat buns on either side of the head, looking a bit like earphones.

Twenties Hairstyle – Tight Curls

Tight curls were fashionable in the 1920’s, with actors like Lillian Gish and Maude Feely wearing their long hair down in tight ringlets.

Long hair was quickly replaced by short hair in terms of trends in the twenties, but the tight curls remained in style. If you want ringlets without using heated styling tools, why not try a no-heat method? You can give yourself pretty curls using just a dressing gown belt!

Twenties Hairstyle Waves

Looser waves were also popular at the time, with women turning to Marcel waving. Marcel waving involved sculpting waves using a Marcel iron – a potentially dangerous task.

Looser waves can be achieved much more easily now at home, if you want to bring a polished 1920’s style back – just look for a tutorial online for more info.

Twenties Hairstyle -Hair Accessories

Finally, accessories were popular during the 1920’s. Headbands, headdresses, hair pieces, and fascinators were very much in style, and they weren’t subtle – we’re talking diamonds, feathers, and beads.