Thinking of getting a pixie cut? We know it’s a big step, especially if you are coming from long locks! With so many people wanting a change after lockdown, one of the most popular questions our Alchemists have had at our Berkhamsted Hair Salon is – would a Pixie Cut suit me?

Pixie cuts can look amazing, but there are definitely a few things you need to consider first:

Not All Pixies Are Created Equal

And there is no such thing as a pixie cut that suits everyone! There’s actually a bit of variety out there. Fringe or no fringe? Longer pixie, or super short? For inspiration, head over to Pinterest and look at different types of pixie cuts – it will give you an idea of the choices you have.

Don’t Forget Face Shape

As with any haircut, face shape is hugely important. If you use your hair to hide your face shape, a pixie is going to leave you exposed, but there are styles you can choose that will complement your natural facial structure. A good hair stylist will be able to look at the angles of your face and help you to choose a shape that will suit you. If you can, look for celebrities with a similar face shape to you, and see if they’ve ever had a pixie cut – it might give you more inspiration to work with.

Book Regular Haircuts

Pixie cuts require a surprising amount of maintenance in terms of trims. While you’ll need fewer products (and less time in the mornings) with a pixie, you will need to get it trimmed regularly to keep it in shape. You won’t have the option of tying it up into a messy bun anymore, so be prepared to come back every six weeks or so for a tidy up.

You’ll Need New Products

Shorter hair requires different products. Texturising spray and styling wax are going to be your new best friends, so it’s worth investing in good products that you can use every morning. It may take a few attempts to nail the styling process, but once you’ve perfected it, you’ll save so much time every day!

You Can Do It Gradually

If you’re going from long hair to a pixie cut, it may feel daunting. But don’t feel you have to go for the full pixie in one go. You can gradually transition, from long to shoulder-length, shoulder-length to bob, and eventually to pixie. Talk to your stylist if you’re feeling anxious about it – you may find that you actually prefer one of those ‘in-between’ styles and want to stick with that, so it’s worth thinking about if a pixie cut is a big jump for you.

Embrace Your New Look!

Finally – enjoy your new cut! There’s nothing quite like a good chop after a long time between haircuts, and if you’ve had the same style for a long time, it’s a really good excuse to freshen up the rest of your look. You might find that different make up styles suit you more now you have shorter hair, so you take some time to play around with that. You might even decide that it’s a good time to go for a new colour, too – pixie cuts look great in a variety of colours!