Most hairdressers recommend leaving just four to six weeks between hair appointments to maintain your desired style or colour. With social distancing measures meaning that Alchemy has had to put itself on pause during lockdown, it is likely that your chosen cut has well and truly grown out and many of you will be sporting some impressive root growth.

Here we aim to answer some of your most asked questions, so that you can keep your sense of style until the Alchemy team can work their magic again.

How Often Should I Wash My Hair? – We recommend giving your locks a good wash every three days. This helps to preserve the natural oils in the scalp so that your hair looks its best for longer. If you can’t wait that long, invest in a good dry shampoo for the in-between days. If you like to exercise, use dry shampoo before a workout and blow-dry afterwards to remove sweat without water.

How Can I Look After My Hair Overnight? – It is best to leave your hair long and loose overnight, preferably sleeping on a silk pillow for added luxury, but also to reduce damage to your tresses. If you must have your hair tied up, keep the style loose to avoid hair breakage and use a spiral toggle over a traditional hair band.

My Fringe is Out of Control! What Can I Do? – Put the scissors down – hacking at your fringe is not the answer! If you decide trim your fringe yourself, you are likely to regret it! Instead, try tying it back in a Dutch braid, using hairspray and a few grips to keep it in place.

How Can I Cover My Roots? – If you have been dying your hair blonde, use a dry shampoo on the roots. Otherwise, we recommend Colour Wow for covering white hairs, since this is a make-up, rather than a dye. It washes out easily, making it a great in-between product.

Resist the urge to dye your own hair since it is difficult to determine the outcome of your colour. When changing the shade of your hair, the hair salon is always the best option. We will be able to help you achieve your desired colour again soon!

How Can I Maintain My Colour for Longer? – Wash it less and reduce the temperature of your water, as this will help your hair retain essential oils.

How Can I Tame Baby Hairs? – Hairspray is your best friend when it comes to new hair growth.

How Should I Treat Split Ends? – Reduce the amount of time spent using heated appliances and be extra gentle when brushing to prevent the formation of split ends. Use leave-in-conditioner to smooth the cuticle and keep hairs in best form.

What Is the Best Hairstyle for Day-to-Day? – Simple and easy, the ponytail is our personal everyday go-to look. Use a spiral toggle to reduce pressure on the hair or use a fun scrunchie for something different.

How Can I Improve the Shine and Volume of my Hair?  – Use a deep cleansing treatment to remove a build-up of product and this should bring your locks back to life.

We hope this short guide will help you keep your hair in best possible condition while we wait for the go-ahead to reopen. The team at Alchemy are looking forward to seeing you again and taking a look at your lockdown hair! Book your appointment now for when it is safe to come back into the salon.