Considering a Fringe? This is What You Need to Know

A fringe can be beautiful, but difficult to pull off. Having a fringe put in can feel like a big step, so it’s important to be prepared before you head off to the salon. Here are a few things to remember before you book that appointment:

Figure Out Your Face Shape – Different types of fringes suit different face shapes. Round faces suit sweeping side fringes, oval faces can pull off thick, straight fringes, and heart-shaped faces look great with choppier, longer fringes.

Figure out your face shape and then look for celebrities with similar faces. You might be able to spot which fringes suit them the most. It’s tempting to go for the latest style – like the micro-fringe – but you might find that the trendiest fringes can be the trickiest to pull off. If you’re not sure, you can always ask your hairdresser for advice. The team at Alchemy & I are always on hand to give their expert advice on what will work for your face shape, your hair type and your style.

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Put the Scissors Down – There are thousands of videos on YouTube about cutting your own fringe. Don’t do it! This is an area where paying a professional really matters. Hairdressers are trained to cut fringes properly – and hair takes time to grow, so if you make a mistake, you might be living with it for a little while.

Ask the Hairdresser to Work with Your Hair – Whether you’ve got fine hair, thick hair, frizzy hair, curly hair, poker-straight hair, heat-damaged hair, or stubborn hair – you need to let the hairdresser know. They will know how to cut your fringe in a way that will make it easy to manage after you’ve left the salon.

If you have very curly hair, consider going to a curly hair specialist – they’ll understand how to figure out the pattern of your curls, and will cut a fringe for you accordingly.

Be Prepared for Regular Trims – Many hairdressers offer free fringe trims between visits – so make the most of them. If you’re not happy with the length, pop in for a trim. If not, be prepared to book in for a trim every four weeks or so – any longer and it will start to lose its shape (and will probably annoy you by getting in your eyes).

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Use the Right Products – It’s important to look after your hair using the right products. A good heat protectant spray is essential – most people have to blow dry or straighten their fringe every day, and over time, that amount of heat can cause some damage.

You might also look into a repairing conditioner. This doesn’t have to be expensive – just look for a product that is designed for dry or damaged hair. Finally, a decent wax or gel might be the thing you need to deal with annoying flyaway hairs – but use it sparingly.

Grow It Out Properly – It sounds counterintuitive, but if you want to grow out your fringe, keep visiting the hairdresser. Regular trims will still be important, and they will have some good advice about how to grow it out properly.