How to fight frizzy hair is one of the most asked questions hairdressers get – everyone wants silky smooth hair, and once you find what works for you, you will never fear the frizz again!

Hairdresser Berkhamsted

If you are constantly fighting the frizz, we have some solutions to help you have that ‘just stepped out of the salon’ feeling every day. As Berkhamsted hairdressers, we know how important it is for you to maintain your great haircut at home and keep that great look and confidence going until your next Alchemy & I hair appointment.

Frizzy Hair Solutions

One of the main things that people misunderstand when it comes to treating frizzy hair is that you have to understand the cause of this tricky hair problem and to do this, we need to understand more about smooth hair structure.

A hair strand is actually quite complex. The outer layer is made from keratin cells, and your genetics determines the size, shape and colour of those cells. Frizzy hair happens when these cells and the form of the hair strand tube change position, which can occur for many different reasons. It is these cells that are ruffled that cause the frizz.

Genetics play a big part in whether you are predisposed to frizzy hair, and hormones can also have an effect. Colouring and other hair processes can weaken the hair strands making them more prone to frizz, and pollution, sunshine, and heat styling products can also have an effect. Once you look at your own hair, you can work out what is making your hair frizzy and then take the steps you need to combat this frizzy problem.

Taming Frizzy Hair

There are many different treatments to help fight frizz, so talk with your hairdresser about your hair and which of the treatments might be best to help you. This will depend on whether you want to make your curly hair straight on a more permanent basis or just want to reduce the frizz for a smoother day to day style.

Permanent straightening treatments – Once your hair has been permanently straightened, it will not go back again as it changes the bonds in your hair. This means that you will have to have top-up treatment when your roots grow to keep the look over a long period.

Semi-permanent hair straightening treatments – This is a way to straighten your hair without the need to change its structure; it looks incredible but will wear off over time.

Regular Blow Drys – One of the best ways to have frizz-free hair without drastically changing your look is to simply visit Alchemy & I in Berkhamsted and have regular blow drys. Our expert team will make your hair look amazing, and a good blow dry, depending on your hair, can last all week. You can get a blow dry at the beginning of the week, so you look great for the working week, or have a blow dry before the weekend, so you are frizz-free for your social life.

Hairdresser Advice

As ever, the best way to get the hair you want and beat the frizz is to talk to your hairdresser, and they can work with you to make your hair exactly as you want it to be.