Autumn is a colourful time of year. Yes, the nights are closing in, but the trees are turning with a gorgeous golden glow, so perhaps this is the time to make a change with your hair.

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Whether you want to embrace the colours of the season and go golden brown or glossy red, here are some emerging seasonal hair trends.

Summer Extender – One of the most accessible trends coming out of Summer and into Autumn is simply embracing your summer look and extending it into Autumn. If you have had a lighter shade in the summer, embrace it and add warmer tones, such as golden beige, to add density and richness to your summer glow. This is a subtle and easy change to move your hair into Autumn.

Deep Browns – This Autumn, the brown is going darker. Deep shades of browns are popular as they look expensive and luxurious and can really help with the condition and shine of your hair. Nearly black browns are back in fashion and are popular as they are seen as chic and modern.

Strawberry Blonde – Gone are the pastels and bright blondes of summer. This season a strawberry base added to blonde hair is back. Adding that very subtle red or ginger to the blonde is not low maintenance and may need some regular glosses to maintain the red hue, but it is absolutely worth it to glow this Autumn. These warm tones of blonde are also popular because they suit almost any skin tone and look flattering on everyone.

Carrot Ginger – The revival of all things ’80s and ’90s continues into Autumn, and one of the favourite nods to this era is to have carrot red hair. Think Annie Lennox, and with many celebs changing to brighter, bolder reds and gingers, this trend will keep growing. Bright colours do tend to fade, so talk to your hairdresser about topping up the colour between salon visits to keep the colour fresh.

Tweed Blonde – Named for tweed fabric with all its intricacy, this trend leaves behind the platinum highlights of summer and embraces an opposite approach. Weaving deep blondes and brunette colours into blonde hair to create subtle contrasting tones creates depth and interest in blonde hair this Autumn. Baby lowlights are also more popular than highlights for the same reason, lowing the brightness on the blonde is a trend that will continue into winter. Warmer tones are also much less maintenance than bright blondes.

Shadow Roots – This technique gives the illusion of thicker, bigger, fuller hair. Incorporating roots into the overall look of your hair has been a trend since balayage took off a few years ago. This shadow root technique deliberately leaves your roots darker while brightening the rest of your hair.

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The only way to achieve the hair colour that fits your look and lifestyle is to have a good hairdresser. Fortunately, Berkhamsted has a team of Alchemists at Alchemy & I who have the skills and vision to get your hair where you want it to be.