Just as there are trends in fashion, there are trends in hair, and we are looking forward to the coming autumn and winter and try to predict what will be popular. Alchemy & I is a trend setting luxury salon in the heart of Berkhamsted offering hair colouring, cutting and styling to our clients.

We welcome clients into our lavish, regal style surroundings and work with our client’s hair, the shape of their face, their lifestyle and their ideas on how current hair trends will work for them to get a great hair result every time. Our hair salon is headed by an award winning L’Oreal colour specialist and we regularly have guest hair artists from across the UK to lend us their unique point of view.

Hair Trends over Time

In 2018 and early 2019, new shades were experimented with and started to see a resurgence in the buzz cut on the red carpet. As more emphasis is currently placed on individualism these are the hair trends we are starting to see on the catwalks and in the hair magazines for the end of 2019.

A 70’s inspired Blunt Bob – With the seventy’s revival in full swing with celebs like Kendall Jenner getting in on the act, a blunter shorter bob seems to be making its way back. The shorter bob trend is an evolution of the previously popular boyfriend bob, sitting at the shoulders, this new bob will be sorter and sharper with more precision cutting required. This type of blunt bob has the advantage of suiting many face types and can help thicken up fine hair.

Grey Hair Trend

They grey inspired blondes and even go for it all over grey has been growing in popularity over the last few years and is predicted to go even more mainstream towards the end of 2019. Pinterest searches show ‘going grey’ as a search term has increased 879 per cent this year. This probably indicated that those with grey hairs are doing more to work with it in a more natural way and also fashion forward trend setters are going all over grey as the colour of choice.

Sleek & Straight

If you cast your mind back to the early noughties, you might recall the army of woman who embraced poker-straight hair. Now, love it or loathe it, it’s back! Large curls and waves may be making their way out as they have been trendy for some time now, and long, sleek and straight seems to be the trend coming at us this winter I hope your straighteners are up to the job!

Modern Buns – More often the quick gathering together of needs to be washed hair of business mums rather than trend setters, the messy top knot made an impact in Chanel’s Autumn fashion show and we are predicting it starts to gather its own momentum this autumn.

Volume turned up Loud – The great news for lovers of volume is that it is still around as a trend and although the sleek and straight trend may take over eventually, the need for big hair is still here. Blow dry bars are on the rise everywhere including the great example set by Alchemy &I in Berkhamsted.