From Drew Barrymore to Isla Fisher to Mila Kunis, round faces are beautiful – and they suit a lot of different hairstyles. Round faces have a softer jawline, with the widest point in the middle and are as long as they are wide, making them the perfect shape for a range of looks.

What Are the Main Rules to Follow for Round Faces?

Of course, you can choose a hairstyle that you love. Generally, it’s flattering to stay away from cuts that are all one length. Layers add more visual structure and are super-flattering for round faces. For outstanding professional advice on which hairstyle to choose, talk to your Alchemy & I hair stylist and find out what is possible!

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You can also choose a style that will lengthen your face. Soft layering around the jawline can help to create the effect of a longer face, so if that’s something you want, speak to your stylist about it. There are quite a few celebrities with round faces who have all experimented with length and layers, including Chrissy Teigen, Selena Gomez, Gigi Hadid and Priyanka Chopra, so have fun playing around until you find the perfect look for you!

Short Hair – Short hair can suit round faces depending on the style you go for. Square layers are great for round faces, and make sure you go a little longer than a regular bob to really flatter your face shape. If you have naturally curly hair, go for a tapered style that showcases your natural texture.

Medium Hair – You can keep things pretty simple with medium-length hair. You can even get away with blunt looks with no layering if you want to, although layering around the face can be flattering. Just focus on maintenance and keeping your hair looking healthy, and you’re good to go.

Long Hair – There are lots of options for long hair if you have a round face. Long, sleek hairstyles with a side parting can work. You can go for soft layers to create some texture and movement, too.

Thick Hair – Thick hair can be difficult to manage, but you can take some of that volume out by introducing long layers. This will give you a gorgeous, glamorous look and can help to elongate the face.

Thin Hair – If you want to add volume, again, layers are your friend. But not too many! Too many layers may make your hair look a little wispy, so speak to your stylist beforehand to make the wisest choice for your hair type.

Fringes – If you want a fringe, there are some options that will work really well for you. Layered fringes are a good choice, so go for something with a bit of texture instead of a blunt fringe. Layered side fringes work well. A super blunt fringe will make your face look more round, so if that’s a look you want to avoid, go for something with more texture!

Curly Hair – Curly hair looks beautiful when it’s kept natural, and it’s flattering for round faces in general – loose curls can elongate the face, so lean into your curls or create your own with straighteners or curling wands.