Many women wish they had thicker hair, and it is a common question for many hairdressers. How to have thick glossy hair is something many women ask and while everyone’s hair is different there are some ways in which you can support healthy hair growth. While the type of hair you have is genetic and you will always have to work with what you have got, if you want your hair to be the best it can be here are some tips.

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Eat Smart – Everything in our bodies is fuelled by what we eat, including our hair. So ensuring you are eating the right foods to support not only happy healthy hair, but also promote thicker hair is a good idea. According to many nutritionists, a diet full of healthy fats is essential for thick healthy hair. Good fats include olive oil, quality protein and foot items like salmon, avocados and plenty of fruits.

Correct Products – Different hair types require different types of hair products, so chat with your Alchemy and I hairdresser to see what they recommend for you hair type and how products can help style your hair thicker. Volume building shampoos and taming fizzy hair with the correct products can make such a difference to the appearance of your hair.

No Over Washing – One mistake many people make with their hair is over washing it! There is nothing better to protect your hair or support its normal shine than its natural oils. You can support those oils by brushing regularly to distribute the oil throughout the hair.

Scalp Massage – Not only does this feel great, but scalp massages also healp break up the hair follicles at the scalp to promote thickness. Make small circular motions across the whole scalp or use a scalp massaging tool which have become increasingly popular.

Stop Using Heat Tools – Stopping using your hairdryer, tongs or straighteners can be a big ask, but by using these more infrequently or putting them on the lowers to cool setting can make a real difference to the health and happiness of your hair.

Brushing is Important – Regular and very effective brushing if your hair can affect the hairs thickness. Moving those natural oils through and around the whole hair will help protect your hair from damage and make a real difference to your hairs shine. It also helps exfoliate the scalp and remove any dead hair. Remember that using the right brush is also very important. Choose the right brush for your hair type and the style you are creating. Talk to your Alchemy & I hairdresser and ask them what brushes they are using on your hair for ideas on how to keep this up at home.

Hair Extensions – The above tips are great for promoting healthy, natural hair and will help with promoting your hair to be as thick as it can be. However if you really want thick luscious hair and you hair is very fine then there are always extensions. Modern extensions look amazing and natural and can add not only length but also thickness to any hair style.