With so many of us with extra time on our hands at the moment, trying unusual and creative hairstyles is one way to pass the time!

Braided halo hairstyles are one of our favourite styles right now, and they are becoming increasingly popular during lockdown. They can be messy and effortless for casual day-to-day life, or sleek and polished for a more formal look. No matter what the occasion, a braided halo is worth mastering.

Here are a few tips on perfecting the braided halo from the experts at Alchemy & I Hair Salon in Berkhamsted.

Classic Halo Braid

The halo braid is a classic for a reason. It’s perfect for those days where you have a bit of extra time, or you just feel like putting in a bit more effort than usual. Plus, it works really well for more formal occasions. Weddings, parties and nights out are great reasons to rock a halo braid. There are also some great how-to videos online to help you on your way.

The Flat Twisted Halo

This is perfect for those rushed mornings when you need to get out of the house ASAP. Separate your hair as normal, but instead of doing a regular braid, twist your hair instead. You can then pin it up in the same way as you usually would with a halo braid. If you’re feeling too tired to manage proper French braids in the mornings, this could work as a fantastic alternative.

Messy Halo

A messy halo looks beautiful, but a little more casual so, if you want something more laid back, it’s the way to go. The key here is to get hold of a decent texturising spray before you start – this will give your hair a bit of ‘grit’ and lived-in volume (it will also make the braiding process much easier!). As you weave your braid, don’t be afraid to pull out small sections for that perfectly undone look.

One-Braid Halo

If you hate doing plaits and would rather avoid it, but really want to get the halo-braid look, then don’t worry! We have a clever way around that. French braids can be fiddly and complicated, but you can create the same look with three-strand plaits. Divide your hair as normal, and then plait up and outwards, wrapping each braid around the top, before pinning it into place using hair grips. It still looks pretty but requires a little less practice.

Halo Braid Tips

Here are some things to bear in mind for all types of halo braids:

  • It’s harder to do on freshly washed hair. Soft, slippery hair is a nightmare to work with when it comes to braiding. Wait until day two or three in your hair washing cycle, or speed things along by using a texturising spray or a sea-salt spray.
  • Make sure you have plenty of hair grips ready. It’s also a good idea to put a few in your bag in case you lose them throughout the day.
  • Use a good hairspray to keep it all in place when you’re done – this should help stop it from slipping out as the day goes on.