Getting together with your girlfriends for a great night out is one of the best things you can do have fun and literally let your hair down. Starting the night at a local BlowDry Bar in Berkhamsted seems the natural first step for a great night out with your friends.

Catch Ups are Important

Modern life often makes it difficult for groups of friends, especially old friends to get together. Which makes making a real effort to have a great time all the more important when you do manage to find the time to see each other. With the pressures of work, family, children, hobbies, arranging a date when everyone can make it can take weeks, or even months of planning so it is worthwhile making the most of it and viewing it like a special occasion.

Planning Makes Perfect

A great night out with the girls starts with a plan, what type of night do you all envisage, do you need to plan in having a meal together first, do you want to make it extra special by visiting a BlowDry bar so your all your hair is looking fantastic. Do you have specific bars that you want to visit, or do you just want to go with the flow, and do you want to end up on the dance floor or by the bar at the end of the night. By having a loose plan your night will work out so much better, and you can have a plan of how everyone is going to get home!

Start at the Blow Dry Bar

If you haven’t seen all your girlfriends in a while, then starting your night in a blow dry bar in Berkhamsted makes so much sense. The team at Alchemy & I have created a stunning blow dry experience where you can get the best blow dry’s along with bottomless bubbles! Drinking fizz, being pampered and chatting with your friends is the best way to start a girls’ night out! This Berkhamsted blow dry bar offers a great menu of signature blow dry’s so you get the style that suits your best and you can exchange bottomless bubbles for a cocktail, wine or beer!

In addition to the time you spend together in the blow dry bar, it also means that you will all walk out of the blow dry bar feeling and looking like a million dollars. Feeling confident about how your look increases your confidence and your mood, making sure that your girls’ night out starts the best possible way.

Continue into the Night

After you and your friends have finished at the bottomless bubbles blow dry bar you should head out to a local restaurant so you can have a really good chat and find out what has been happening in each other’s lives, before heading to noisy bars where it is much harder to have meaningful conversations. When you are ready for dancing visit your favourite club and dance the night away before heading home, still with phenomenal hair!