Building a relationship with a hairstylist can sometimes take time, your hair is an incredibly important part of your personality and how you present to the world, so it is really important that your hair stylist nails it.

The team at Alchemy & I are experts in listening to what you want and being able to translate that into your hair – even if this is the first time you have seen that particular stylist. Alchemy & I also offer regular guest hair stylists who are experts at getting it right first time!

Hair Salon Berkhamsted

If you are visiting out hair Salon in Berkhamsted for the first time or are considering a big change to your style then we recommend an in person hair consultation so you can discuss exactly what you are looking for before you book your appointment. For regular clients this can be at the end of your last appointment.

Hair Consultation

There are a few things you need to know about the initial consultation with your hair stylist. First, they will not only be listening to what you have to say they will also be looking at the length, thickness and condition of your hair. If you want a colour change and already have colour on your hair, they may want to do some testing and you will certainly have to have a patch test for colour. Second they will want to have an idea of what you are looking for so if you have some images of styles you like from magazines, Instagram or have saved a Pinterest board then let them see it so you can discuss together the best way forward for you and your hair.

This consultation lets the stylist look at your hair and see what you are looking for and also lets you meet them in person to see if you want them to be working on your hair! An in-person consultation will also let the stylist get a good idea of how long your hair appointment will take and how much it will cost. The bigger the change you want in style or colour, the longer and more important the consultation is.

An Image Says a Thousand Words

While you can try to explain the cut or colour you are looking for, it will never be as good as bringing an image in with you. Both to the consultation and then again to the actual appointment. Hairdressers are often very visual, creative people and so pictures work really well as the starting point for what is possible for your hair. A good hair stylist will tell you straight away if what you are looking for is possible, or more importantly how the particular cut you are looking for will flow with your hair type and face shape. Remember that they are experts so they may have another idea or style that is similar but would suit you better. A good hair stylist will give you options and make your hair look the best it can be.

To have a consultation with one of the expert hair stylists at Alchemy & I call today and pop in with your images and ideas to get your hair to where you want it to be.