Thick, glossy hair looks fantastic, so it is no wonder so many people want thicker hair to achieve the hair they have always dreamed of! But if you are not blessed with naturally thick hair, is there a way to achieve this?

Berkhamsted Hairdresser

Fortunately, if you want thick hair, there are some great solutions to improve the thickness of your hair and achieve the thick glossy hair you want. From clever haircuts to smart styling and great products, your local hairdresser can suggest great ways to get you the thick glossy look you want.

What Causes Thin Hair

There are a number of things that can cause thin hair in the first place. These include:

  • Genetics – Many women (and men) have thinner hair because of their family history.
  • Age – As women and men age, their hair can thin out as a natural part of ageing.
  • Stress and Medical Conditions – A range of conditions can cause hair to be thin, including stress.
  • Over Styling & Colouring – For some people, the constant use of hair straighteners or tongs can damage hair and thin it out. The same can be said of bleaching and colouring.

Keeping Hair Healthy

One of the best ways to keep your hair looking full and thick is to have healthy hair. Use products that support and strengthen your hair and not strip it back. The Alchemists at Alchemy & I in Berkhamsted can give you great advice on hair products, and they also have an excellent treatment menu to give your hair an extra boost before you leave the salon.

Hair Cuts Increase Thickness

Experienced hairdressers, like the team at Alchemy & I in Berkhamsted, know that a great haircut can really make thin hair look fuller and more luscious. A shoulder-length bob with a blunt edge can make for a thicker and fuller look. Keep layering to a minimum as it can flatten out even naturally thick hair, so keeping hair all at one length is advised.

Hair Extensions

Great hair extensions look natural and are not only available to add length but can also add thickness. If you have naturally thin hair and want a full and glossy look, adding in the hair you want is now an option with luscious hair extensions in Berkhamsted.

Styling & Colouring Advice

A great blow dry is one of the many reasons to go to a hairdresser, as they can create volume when they blow dry the hair. Try drying your hair upside down to add volume and thickness to get a similar look at home. When choosing a colour for thin hair, avoid anything flat or one-dimensional. All over colours can make your hair look thinner, so choose multiple-toned high or lowlights for maximum thickening effect. Remember not to use too much product in your hair as this can flatten the hair and give it a greasy quality.

Experienced Hairdressers

Whatever type of hair you have, the experienced team at Alchemy & I in Berkhamsted will be able to create the look you want with the hair you have.