There’s a strong possibility that we may be in lockdown for a while. Of course, this isn’t a big deal in the grand scheme of things – but it does mean that regular life has to ground to a halt, including your hair appointments. If you have highlights, you may have to grow them out – so we’ve written this guide to help you grow them out naturally.

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The good news is your hair is going to have a break from harsh chemicals, giving it a chance to heal and grow. You might even consider growing out your highlights permanently, giving your natural hair colour a chance instead. If this scares you, don’t worry – we’ve got a few options that may make the process a bit easier.

Let It Grow

Let your hair grow for a while until your natural hair colour is back – this can take a few months altogether. If you’ve been highlighting your hair for a long time, you may not even recognise your natural hair colour anymore, as it does change over time. You probably won’t be able to trim your ends for a while, but you’ll have to live with this – it does give your hair a chance to rest. That way, your hair will be in good condition by the time you get back to the salon.

Add Extensions

Another option is to add extensions. Although the best quality hair extensions are on the pricey side, you can get hold of some very natural-looking clip-in extensions. Pick a colour a couple of shades lighter than your natural hair to create a natural-looking depth of colour.

DIY Hair Dye

You can use dye to colour your hair a few shades darker than your current shade. It’s always best to do this gradually, rather than jump several shades in one go. There are several brands that create at-home hair dye kits, and lockdown is a pretty safe time to give it a go. Just remember to follow the instructions and make sure to choose a shade that isn’t too drastic of a change from your current colour.

Growing Out Bleached Hair

If you’ve been dying your hair very light blonde for some time, you know how much work it takes to maintain. Leaving it to grow out might feel pretty daunting. It’s not generally recommended to dye your hair back to your natural colour over the top of platinum blonde – it can be stressful for your hair, and it can take multiple coats of colour for the blonde to absorb the new colour. Unfortunately, the best option is to just let it grow – and give your hair some extra TLC with plenty of nourishing hair treatments at home.

The same goes for bright, unusual hair colours, like pink, green, purple, or blue – attempting to dye your hair on top of a bright colour can lead to disaster, so it’s best to let it grow naturally. Maybe invest in a few new hair clips and scrunchies to keep it out of your way for a while …

We hope this has helped you to tide you over through the weeks ahead!