Balayage – a low-maintenance hair colouring technique that involves hand-painting individual strands of hair – is a universally pretty and flattering look. It is a popular style that shows no sign of slowing at the team at Alchemy & I in Berkhamsted are balayage experts.

Balayage in Berkhamsted

While it is low maintenance in terms of styling, it does require a little bit of looking after to keep it looking fresh and bright. Here are a few things you can do:

Visit Alchemy & I – You can get away with longer breaks between salon visits with balayage, especially in comparison to traditional highlights. Small refreshes, however, can really help. Pop in regularly to help to maintain the colour, brightening any dark areas around the hairline. This won’t take as long as your initial visit, but it will help to keep your balayage looking fresh. Discuss with your Alchemist how often you should visit.

Use the Right Products – Using the right products can help maintain your balayage. If your hair is looking brassy, go for a purple shampoo or toner. You can also go for ‘blonde’ shampoos, designed to keep blonde hair looking bright and healthy.

You can even go for a colour depositing product. This helps to introduce a slightly different tone to your hair without having to dye it. Look for ‘colour cremes’ or similar products (but speak to your Alchemist first if you’re unsure. They will have some great product recommendations for your specific hair type).

Think Prevention, Not Cure – Certain situations will strip the colour from your hair. Heated hair tools, like straighteners, hairdryers, and curling wands, can be damaging for various reasons. If you can, try to use them less often. Even cutting down by using them every other day will help to prevent your colour from fading.

Swimming in chlorine pools can also damage the colour. While you shouldn’t stop exercising if you love swimming, it is something to consider.

Look After Your Hair – Don’t forget to look after your hair! Balayage is gorgeous, but it looks even better on healthy hair. Any kind of hair dying can dry out your hair, leaving it looking frizzy or brittle.

Use heat protection spray every time you use heated hair tools (every single time!). This will create a barrier, preventing some of the heat damage. You can also think about using silk pillowcases and replacing your hair elastics with soft scrunchies to help prevent split ends and breakages. Swapping your towel for an old pillowcase can help if you’re prone to breakage, too.

Finally, make sure you keep up with your hair treatments. Once a week, treat your hair to a hair mask or oil – even leaving on a hair mask for five minutes while you shower and then rinsing it off with lukewarm water can help keep your hair looking thick, shiny, and healthy.

Take care of your hair in-between visits – your hairdresser will thank you for it!