Winter can be a tough time for hair and skin. Being exposed to the elements, as well as wrapping up in scarves and hats, can cause damage to your hair. It’s worth thinking about your winter haircare routine.

Here are some tips on keeping your hair looking great through the winter, or at least until your next hair appointment at Alchemy & I.

Start with Your Diet

This might sound boring, but it’s true – what you eat can impact the health and vibrancy of your hair. Look for foods that are high in Omega-3, which your body needs to grow strong and healthy hair. Drinking a lot of water can help with hair growth, too – dehydration can cause your hair to become dry and brittle.

Use Heat Protection Spray

This is an important one. If you normally let your hair dry naturally in the summer, you might be more tempted to use heated styling tools in the winter – no-one wants to step out into a freezing cold winter’s morning with wet hair! In that case, it’s worth investing in a decent heat protection spray and making sure that you use it every single time.

Book a Regular Haircut

This is more difficult than it should be in 2020, but booking regular haircuts is essential for maintaining healthy hair. Regular trims will get rid of the dried split ends, and it will look healthier as a result. The team at Alchemy & I are looking forward to welcoming our clients back again when we can reopen.

Use a Hair Mask

Once or twice a week, use a hair mask in the shower. This doesn’t have to take long – you can get cheap hair masks which can sit in your hair for five minutes before needing to be rinsed off – and it will help your hair to stay strong and healthy.

Lay Off the Hair Accessories

Some hair accessories are better than others for your hair. Using tight elastics can cause your hair to break – if you get a lot of short frizzy hairs, this might be part of the problem. Switch out your hair elastics with velvet or satin scrunchies. Not only are these very much still in style, but they’re way better for your hair, and are less likely to cause breakages.

Pamper Yourself with a Hot Oil Treatment

Hot oil treatments sound fancy, but they’re really simple – and they can be made at home. Gently heat some oil (like olive, jojoba, or coconut), making sure not to overheat it. Then, apply the oil evenly through brushed hair, making sure to take time to massage your scalp. Cover your hair with a shower cap and wait for up to 20 minutes before rinsing it out. This can get messy, but it’s a nice luxurious treatment for your scalp.

Lower Your Water Temperature

It’s tempting to have the water super-hot in your shower or bath in the winter, but this can be really damaging for your hair. If you can stand it, turn the heat down a little bit – or go for a cool rinse at the end of your shower.