If you watched the Queen’s Gambit, you might be as obsessed with the aesthetic as we are – particularly the main character’s incredible red hair! You might be tempted to give life as a redhead a go. In which case, the team at Alchemy & I in Berkhamsted have a few tips for the redhead in you:

Know Your Reds

Red hair can suit everyone – you just need to find the right shade for you. There are a surprising number of choices out there, but as a general rule:

  • Pale skin with light blue or green eyes suits warmer colours like copper or strawberry blonde.
  • Cool skin tones with brown or darker eyes will look striking with deep auburn hair.
  • Olive or darker skin tones can go for rich, bright tones – you can go for a real ‘letterbox’ red and pull it off!

Get Some Inspiration

As well as the Queen’s Gambit, go looking for some more sources of inspiration. You can probably find a famous redhead that has your skin tone, which will give you an idea of what will suit you, too.

Go Gradual

You can introduce red to your existing colour. For example, if you’re a brunette naturally, a red balayage could work really well for you – it will introduce beautiful, shiny red tones without having to go ‘all the way’ right off the bat.

Be Prepared

Be warned – red hair can be pretty high maintenance. You’ll have to book regular appointments to keep your chosen shade of red nice and vibrant, possibly every 4-6 weeks if your hair grows quickly.

It’s also worth noting that your freshly dyed red hair may look a little dark at first. It will settle into your new ‘true’ colour after a few washes, so don’t worry!

Change Your Products

You’ll also have to switch up your products so that you can protect your new colour! Using shampoos and conditioners that are designed to protect coloured hair will help, and you’ll have to invest in a good hair mask to keep your lovely new hair shiny and strong.

Consider Cold Washes

Okay, so if the thought of washing your hair with cold water terrifies you, then at least consider cooling down the water just a tad. Using hot water can make the colour fade quicker, so if you want to lock in that red for as long as possible, consider washing with lukewarm water.

Use Heat Protection Spray

This goes without saying for any hair, but it’s especially important for dyed hair. Heat protection spray will protect your hair from damage and help prevent your colour from fading.