Did you get your first grey hairs during lockdown? It’s a natural part of ageing, and more and more people are embracing the beauty of grey hair – in fact, even people without a hint of natural grey are gradually transitioning to grey over multiple trips to the salon.

Lockdown may have prevented you from covering them up as you usually do, but maybe you’ve decided to go for the natural look from now on. In that case, here are a few tips on how to transition to grey:

Berkhamsted Hair Salon

It’s a good idea to let your colour grow out for a few months. This will help you to notice the pattern of your greys and determine where it is growing. This will prepare you for when you next go to the salon for a cut and help you to decide what you want to do – do you want to go grey naturally, or use dye all over? Allowing your hair to grow naturally will allow you to figure out exactly what you want to do next.

Work With Your Hair Stylist

When you’re next in the chair, talk about your greys. Do you want to highlight them? Or would you like to gradually, subtly phase in the grey? Your Alchemist can work with you and may suggest strategic intervals between highlights to allow yourself to get used to the grey over time. If you want to go fully grey using dye, they will be able to suggest the best way to do that without it being too harsh for your hair.

They may also recommend a fresh cut, especially if you’re trying to highlight your new greys – they’ll know the most flattering shape for your face. You can also have a look on websites like Pinterest to get some ideas for new styles.

Switch Up Your Products

Grey hair can benefit from certain products. Purple-based shampoo and conditioner can help to keep your grey or white hair nice and vibrant, or you can get purple drops which can be mixed into your regular products. This is an easy way to maintain shiny, bright hair even as you transition into grey.

Use Deep Conditioning Treatments

You may notice that your grey hairs have a different texture. Once hair loses its pigmentation, it can have a wiry texture, and be more brittle and drier. Seeking out a good, deep conditioning hair treatment will help your hair to lock in moisture. Swap out your regular conditioner with a deeper conditioner, use a weekly hair mask, and consider asking your hair stylist if they have any treatments they can recommend.

It’s also worth looking into supplements. Vitamin E and collagen may have beneficial effects for your hair and nails, so it’s definitely worth a try to maintain swishy, shiny hair.

We hope this has helped you if you’re considering embracing the grey!