Lockdown has made us all appreciate our hairdressers a little bit more and it seems that with some more time on our hands we have been looking for a new look to celebrate being back in the salon. Here are some popular hairstyles are skyrocketing in popularity right now, from dramatic length to super-short, choppy cuts. If you need some inspiration, look no further.

The Androgynous Cut

If you’ve had enough of your hair in the summer heat, or you’ve reached that awkward ‘in-between’ stage, you might be tempted to get it all chopped off. If you want to go for something edgy, the androgynous cut is very trendy right now, combining both masculine haircutting techniques with a slightly feminine twist. This cut is all about texture and varying lengths, and it takes a good stylist to make it work. (It also requires a bit of hair product, so you might want to ask your stylist what they would recommend so you can recreate it at home afterwards).

Mermaid Length

Of course, some of you might be really enjoying having super-long lockdown hair, in which case, why not keep it? You might require a bit of a trim if your hair is damaged, but you can ask your hairdresser to keep as much of the length as possible whilst removing the hair that isn’t looking so great. If you want a change, you can try chunky layers to create texture and movement whilst keeping your length intact.

The Textured Bob (Or Lob)

If you want to try a fresh twist on the classic bob, try this one out. A bob of one-length that is slightly shorter at the back (but not too much shorter!) and slightly longer at the front is a good one to try, but try not wearing it dead straight – let it dry naturally or introduce a little bit of a natural wave with products like texturizing spray. You can make this work on thick hair by asking your stylist to slice into it a little, making it choppier to introduce more texture.

The Soft Fringe

Did you watch Normal People during lockdown? Remember Marianne’s fringe? It’s a feminine, flattering look that will highlight your cheekbones nicely – ask for a choppy fringe with short, disconnected layers. It’s a casual, soft fringe that isn’t too severe, so will suit a lot of face shapes, and it’s easier to style and maintain than a blunt fringe.

The Choppy Undercut

If you want to go super short, you could try adding a bit of interest with a detailed undercut. It’s a fresh look that will keep you cool in the summer – which is a win-win. Keep the top a little longer, and then ask for some texture underneath – this will require a stylist who is experienced with cutting super-short hair.

There we have it – five looks to try post-lockdown, whether you want to keep your long hair or embrace that fresh feeling of a nice short cut. Whatever style you are looking for the team at Alchemy & I will make you look and feel amazing!