As we prepare to leave lockdown behind us this spring, your hair might be feeling neglected, and you may be thoroughly fed up with the ‘messy bun’ look. A new look may be in order, and the team at Alchemy & I in Berkhamsted are ready and waiting to either bring your hair back to its former glory or refresh your look completely.

Hair Salon Berkhamsted

If you’re tempted to try something new and cut your hair short, here are a few things you need to consider:

Think About Hair Texture

Hair texture is key here. If you’ve got the kind of hair that has a mind of its own and likes to stick up at odd angles, this will impact the type of hair cut you decide to have – a sleek bob is going to take a lot of effort day-to-day if that’s your hair texture. Poker-straight hair can suit a pixie cut really well, but if you want to introduce some natural movement or texture, you might want to think about long layers instead.

Consider Your Face Shape

Face shape is a big thing to think about, too. As a general rule, if you have a round or square face, look for something that will elongate your face – steer away from blunt bobs that end around the jawline. Heart-shaped faces can go for something with more fullness around your jawline to add width to that part of your face. Or, if you have an oval face, you can pretty much choose anything you like!

Switch Up Your Products

The good news is you won’t have to worry about using tons of conditioner and hair products anymore to keep your long hair in good condition. But, you may need to think about picking up some new products instead.

Dry shampoo is a must as it will give you volume and texture (especially if you have very fine, flat hair – this will stop you from having to wash it every day). You can also grab a texturising spray which is ideal for adding a bit of movement and excitement to your new hairstyle.

Create a Pinterest Board

Or just download some pictures onto your phone. Have a look around to see celebrities or hair models with hair that you love and create a collage of photos to show your stylist. This works really well if you find it hard to describe what you want!

Pick Your Limit in Advance

Hair grows back, but it can take a little while. You’ll want to make sure you’re really ready before you decide to take the plunge, especially if it’s a drastic change. Before you go, decide on how short you are willing to go – the absolute maximum you’re willing to have taken off. That way, you’ll be prepared, and you won’t have to make a big decision while you’re sitting in the chair.

Enjoy the Experience!

We’ve all missed a bit of TLC during lockdown. So, sit back and relax in the luxe surroundings of Alchemy & I. Order a cocktail and enjoy your haircut as much as you can – and the buzz it will give you when you’re done. Nothing says ‘new beginning’ like a great haircut!