How we feel about ourselves is very much linked to how we feel we look, so the rise and rise of Blow Dry Bars does not come as a surprise. Getting that just stepped out of the hairdresser feeling is one we all love, so to have that on our high streets, easy to pop in and use when we need an extra swish in our hair and bounce in our step is amazing.

Not all blow dry bars are, however, created equally, but if you live in or around Berkhamsted, the Alchemy & I Blow Dry Experience is one not to be missed. Not only do they offer a range of expert blow dry finishes, they also provide bottomless bubbles and luxe surroundings to make you feel as amazing as you are!

The popularity of getting a professional blow dry is growing and there are many reasons why, here are a few of the top reasons people use a Blow Dry Bar:

Long Lasting Style

If you have ever been to the hairdressers, and then tried to get the same blow dry finish at home, you will know it is impossible. With lots of time and effort you can get close but there is really nothing that beats a professional blow dry and one of the main benefits is that is lasts for quite a while.

Looking Great at Work

Many working women are time poor but want to look professional and polished in their work life. Great hair can make any work outfit look just that little bit more amazing, so it is no wonder that many professional women are using blow dry bars to enhance their day to day look. As professional blow dry’s last longer than what you could do at home, many women are getting a blow dry on a Monday to set them up for the work week.

Girls Night Out

Is there anything better than spending time with your girlfriends? We don’t think so, get togethers can be hard to arrange with conflicting schedules so when you do have that night out planned it is best to make the most of it. That is why so many girls’ nights out start at the Blow Dry Bar, especially Alchemy & I who offer bottomless bubbles as part of their experience.

Special Occasions

When you want to look your best, it all starts with the hair. So, whether it is a family occasion, Christmas party, work party, big birthday or you are just having a special romantic night out with the one you love, a great blow dry can really make you feel as special as the occasion is.


Whether it is your wedding, you are the bridesmaid, mother of the bride, or just a guest, weddings are a time to get your best outfit on and look amazing in those wedding photographs that will be around forever. A great blow dry and a glass of bubbles can really get you in the mood to celebrate for the rest of the day.


Congratulations! Being proud of your achievements is important so making some time to look great for your graduation is essential. Bring your best graduating friends with you to share in some bubbles before attending your graduation ceremony.

 Blow Dry Bar Berkhamsted

Blow Dry Bar’s are for everybody, for day to day great hair and for special occasions, take a look at our blow dry menu and book your space today.