Spring is often when we decide we want to change our hairstyle and go with something different. And while there are plenty of styles to choose from, sometimes it can be a bit overwhelming to decide.

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That’s where trends come in – the easiest way to get a dose of inspiration all in one place. Let’s take a look at the spring hair trends for 2022.

Octopus Replaces the Wolf

One of the significant trends of last year was known as the wolf cut, but this year it has been replaced by a similar style but an upgraded version, known as the octopus cut. The idea of this style is that it is a choppy style that frames the face with shorter and longer pieces.

The name comes from the fact that the style looks like the octopus emoji! It is also a great style if you are growing out something like a mullet.

Long, Long, and Longer

If you have had long hair for a while now, know that you are the height of fashion this season! That’s because really long hair is a big trend. Now, this isn’t one you can just dive into overnight, especially if you have slow-growing hair, but if you have length, the trend would be to keep growing it, not cut it short.

Horizontal Highlights

Highlights traditionally run down the length of the hair, starting up at the roots and following the length of the hair. But the trend for this spring is to have horizontal highlights, also known as raccoon tail hair.

With this kind of style, the highlight bands run horizontally through the hair and can be as chunky or as delicate as you like. The effect is a two-tone hair that can work well with bright colours.

Red is Still a Big Deal

Red shades have always been popular, and this spring, they have risen to the top of the colour pile. From coppery shades to really bright reds, there are plenty of star examples with red hair. If you want something a little gentler, then strawberry blonds also fall into the trend.

Side Sweep Your Fringe

The side sweep fringe is a big trend for spring. It can go two ways; either the side-swept bangs that are very messy and casual or the sleek pulled back styles that are very close to the head and glamorous.

Dramatic Braids

Alongside long hair is a trend, the braid is also popular but not just a delicate baby braid that has been in for the last couple of years. No, this is a dramatic braid that sits somewhere between a regular braid and some of the more extreme red-carpet versions you can spot.

Graffiti Your Hair

If you love colour and something unique, you’ll love this one. The idea of adding patterns or graffiti to your hair came from wig artists who began adding things like starburst patterns or even words to their products. It is excellent to use temporary hair colours for a special occasion.