Summer is here and with the new season, often comes a want to change and a haircut is one of the best ways to refresh your look ready for summer.

Whether you are going to festivals, travelling to far flung places, or simply have a fun summer of adventure planned, your hair can say a lot about you, and a great haircut can make you feel sexy and confident all summer long.

Berkhamsted Hairdresser

Fashion and trends always play a part in the popularity of haircuts, but a great hairdresser, like the team at Alchemy & I in Berkhamsted will give you great advice on taking the latest trends and matching that to your face shape and hair type to ensure you look and feel amazing when you leave the salon.

Summer Hair Trends 2022

Whether you are looking for a new fringe, a completely new look, or a fashion forward hair statement, here are some of the best hair trends for 2022 to consider this summer.

Wolf Cuts and Shullets

The lines between mullets and the shag hair cut are blurring, and the trendy shullet has emerged as a key trend this summer. The shullet is most often describes as a soft mullet or take it to a more graphic level with the low mullet, the trend is for shorter cuts round the hairline with some length at the back. This is linked to the continued popularity of the wolf cut, and the continued interest in 80’s culture, but with a modern twist.

Heartthrob Bobs

Another hairstyle trend that is throwing back to a previous decade is the heartthrob bob. Popular in the 90’s this bob is making a come back this summer. Getting a bob in the summer is practical for the warm weather and easy to style when spending time in the pool or having fun at festivals when styling is not easy. This choppy layered bob has close cropped layers at the nape of the neck with longer pieces to the front. Chic and cool for the summer!

Airy Shags

This is a natural and free style, popular if you don’t want to use too many heat styling tools on a daily basis. This new style is a layered look, less defined than the shag, but with its influence easily seen. It is easy to style and if you have natural waves then you will benefit from simply letting your hair air dry to bring out the natural soft look.

Bottleneck Bangs

If you have thought of getting a fringe, then this new bottleneck bangs trend may be one for you to try. This style is a hybrid between a full fringe and the grown-out fringe look. Longer at the sides it has a very French vibe and is becoming popular for those who don’t want a full fringe but want to frame their faces. This is also a great style to try in the summer as it will grow out to soft face framing for autumn.