The just back from the beach sunkissed look has been trending and we love it! While it would be fantastic if a little bit of sunshine could make this look perfect, this look is always created with care in a hair salon by a talented hairdressers, just like the team at Alchemy & I in Berkhamsted.

Hair Salon Berkhamsted

For most of us summer hair means relaxed, low maintenance gorgeous colour with space for the hair to grow and still look great. The sun kissed balayage has become a firm favourite with celebrities including Megan Markle and Julia Roberts. The summer is a time for freedom, lazy days in the park or on the beach, holidays, festivals and spending time with family and friends. So, getting a great hair colourist to make your hair look effortless throughout the summer is essential.

All Shades Can Be Sunkissed

You don’t have to be a blonde to have sun kissed hair, dimensional colour is the key to this look, and it can be achieved whether you are blonde, brunette or redhead. Here is a quick overview on achieving the effortless sun kissed hair colour whatever shade you are:

Sunkissed Blonde Hair

Getting true depth of blonde for a sun kissed look can take a few appointments to create a true dimensional look, but much can also be achieved with final highlights just before the summer months. Creating a base of established highlights will really make this look pop, as the final for summer highlights at the end will look brighter and more sun kissed. Placement of highlights is important and will be tailored to your face shape and style. Tones of blonde is also important, beige, and buttery blondes are popular as they make your hair look healthy and not brash.

Sunkissed Brunette Hair

For brunettes to achieve a natural sun kissed look, the key thing to remember is not to over highlight. Your Alchemist will be able to choose the right shades of warm tones to brighten up your brunette not overpower it with too many high lights. Strategically placed highlights are the key to the sun kissed look in brunettes as is finishing with an all over gloss to let the health of the hair shine through and reflect and catch the rays of the sun naturally.

Sunkissed Dark & Raven Hair

Dark hair is treated similarly to brunettes when it comes to creating a sun kissed look. For very deep brown hair choose a combination of bronze and brown highlights with a limited number of shades to let the hair shimmer. The best tones to choose and coppery, chestnut, and rich chocolate to create stunning and reflective hair able to capture the sunshine and produce a natural looking glow.

Sunkissed Red Hair

With red hair, the sun kissed look comes from the application of lowlights and highlights to create movement within the hair so it can naturally capture and reflect the sun. Redheads often have a natural sunny glow with their hair so emphasising this is the best strategy.

Whatever colour your hair is, the talented Alchemists in Berkhamsted can transform your hair to make you look and feel amazing. Discuss with them the results you want to see, and they can advise on the best way to get the look you want while keeping your hair healthy and looking amazing.