A staple style from the 1970s, the curtain fringe is making a comeback in a big way. It’s a flattering, effortless style, and it’s versatile – it suits a lot of different face shapes, and it has a soft, sweeping look that is simple to work with.

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The curtain fringe sits longer than a regular fringe. It finishes just below the eye, and it is traditionally parted in the middle, although it can also be swept to one side if you prefer. The modern curtain fringe leans into the relaxed, undone hair that is always popular in the spring and summer months.

With celebrities like Jennifer Lopez and Alexa Chung embracing the curtain fringe, we predict that it will be a popular style this year.

Thinking of taking the plunge? Here are some of the benefits:

It Doesn’t Require Trimming as Often

If going back to the salon for regular fringe trims doesn’t fit in with your busy schedule, or memories of lockdown home trims haunt you, a sweeping curtain fringe might just suit you. You can go longer between cuts, and it will still look great, saving you time. Plus, you won’t have to stress about how fast your hair is growing!

It Grows Out Well

The problem with committing to a fringe is that it can be challenging to grow out if you get bored of it. Curtain fringes are great in that they grow out softly, remaining flattering at any length. In fact, you might prefer the look of a partly grown-out fringe.

It Flatters Every Face Shape

Not many hairstyles are flattering for every face shape, but the curtain fringe looks great on almost everyone. It’s versatile, meaning you can sweep it to one side if you find that it looks better on you.

It’s Natural and Relaxed

While curtain fringes do require styling, they don’t look too polished – a curtain fringe still has a lot of movement, and it appears ‘undone’ enough to look really flattering, especially when paired with beachy waves.

While curtain fringes look beautiful with long hair, it suits short or mid-length hair too, so don’t be afraid to try it if you’re thinking of taking some of the length off too.

It’s Easy to Style

A curtain fringe is actually pretty simple to style. Prep your damp hair with heat protection spray – always crucial if you’re going to use any kind of heated tool – and then use a round brush to dry it. You can use straighteners to smooth it out if required. Use a matte styling wax or hairspray to gently part your fringe in the middle, and then you’re done!

Don’t feel you have to go for straightened hair or loose waves to have a curtain fringe. Curls suit a curtain fringe, too!

If you want to change your look, try a new style, colour or add a new fringe, then taking to the expert hairdressers at Alchemy & I in Berkhamsted is your first step. In a quick consultation, they can give you their professional advice on what can work for your hair and book you in for the best hair experience in Berkhamsted!