We love the vintage look, which means that we are more than just a little excited to hear that vintage hair styles are becoming a popular choice with people around the UK. Whilst they have been on the radar for a while, it does seem that hairstylists want to make sure that they have something fresh to offer. Despite the overall style of the hair being vintage of course.

Vintage Hair Trends We Love

So, with this in mind, we thought that we would put together our guide on vintage hair trends that are less “new” but inspired by yesteryear (and shows like Downton Abbey) but with a fresh modern approach.

Add some flowers

If you are trying to achieve a vintage look, then one accessory that you absolutely need to have are flowers. Flowers are not only beautifully feminine, but they are also a great way to add vintage touches to any hairstyle that you might want to create. Not everyone is a fan of a full-on flower crown, so, you might want to think about going for just a few statement flowers placed in your favourite style.

Extra glossy hair

Glossy and sleek hair is something that many people; but it seems of late that this particular style has been given a bit of a boost. Think about 70s Cher with her ultra-long, dark and luscious locks. Celebrities are craving this stunning style and are doing their best to recreate it for themselves with plenty of extra sleekness to boot. You can even go one step further and add in a block fringe if you really want to embrace the true 70s style for yourself.

Go for the chop

There is no denying that haircuts are getting shorter and shorter and whilst this may feel like a modern trend, pixie cuts have actually been around for some time. Plenty of celebrities are now embracing the mantra of “shorter is better” and we are sure that more and more of us are going to be braving the chop and sporting a truly stylish and truly vintage hair style. Now we are living in the 20’s again, perhaps razor-sharp bobs and angular fringes will become popular once again.

Step away from the bold tones

When it comes to colours for your hair, the majority of tones that we have seen of late are icy or ashy tones that are bold and bright. Whilst these are still likely to be requested, there has also been a shift towards a more vintage approach; such as with warmer hair colours. Think butter rich blondes and auburn brunettes, both of which are a modern nod to an older style of hair colouring.

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As you can see, you can easily keep the whole vintage vibe, whilst still being able to rock a brand new and modern hair style. So, what are you waiting for? Why don’t you try out a vintage style or a vintage colour in your hair? We can promise you that you will find that you not only feel amazing but that you also look amazing too!