The need for great looking hair on a regular basis is growing, seen as part of a necessity rather than a luxury our blow dry bar sees women (and men) from all professions, ages and walks of life who appreciate how amazing a blow dry makes them feel and that achieving this is only possible at a blow dry bar or hair salon.

You never feel as good as you do when you walk out of the hair salon, and that is why Blowdrys are becoming more and more popular. The team at Alchemy & I recognise this and are offering amazing subscription service blowdrys, able to be used when you need a little extra in your hair. Taking time out for yourself is important whether you are getting a blow dry to look amazing for a first date or just coffee with your best friends.

Regular professional blowdrys have so many benefits, we have tried to list a few below:

It can last up to a week!

A professional blow dry lasts so much longer than anything you can do at home, with professional hands teasing your hair into place and professional products you just don’t use at home your hair will look amazing all week long. To keep it looking fresh, add a little dry shampoo through the week and add a little styling to it by the end of the week to keep it looking great until you are ready to shampoo. Given your hair can look great for this long, it is defiantly a value for money hair experience!

It helps the condition of your hair

Having great products that protect your hair from everyday life is a bonus to getting a blow dry. Also, as you don’t have to wash it as often the natural oils can come back and help nourish your scalp, perfect for those with dry skin. Because you are only taking the hair dryer, tongs or straighteners to it once per week it does not damage the hair as much as if you were doing it at home every day – and it looks better – win win!

Relaxation & Cost Savings

The Alchemy & I Salon is a luxury space in Berkhamsted, a perfect sanctuary to stop into and spend some time on yourself. Squeezing in a blow dry that’s all about you in the middle of your hectic day can be just what you needed. And as a blow dry is cheaper than getting cut, colour and blow dry you can squeeze them in on a more regular basis.

Learn New Skills

Hair styling and blowdrys are all about the skill of the hair stylist, skills which they are happy to share and pass on to you to try at home. If you want to style your hair straight when it is normally curly or vice versa, then your hair stylist can talk you through what they are doing and what products they are using to create the end result.

BlowDry Subscriptions Available

Alchemy & I offer great deals on blowdrys so you can have great hair on a more regular basis. Deals like buy 10 and get 5 free, or unlimited blowdrys per month are available. Check the prices online to see the latest deals on regular blowdrys.