Balayage has been taking the hair colour world by storm and it one of the most popular ways for any woman to add colour to her hair. It is a timeless technique that has found its way back into the mainstream and clients all over the UK love it. Alchemy & I are L’Oréal colour specialists and can create the look you want when it comes to Balayage techniques.

What does Balayage Mean?

Now a common word in hairdressers, the word Balayage is not a one we use every day. It is a French word which means to paint or to sweep, which is a good description of this colouring technique. Balayage is a freehand method of ‘painting’ the hair freestyle to give a blended look which means there is no harsh line between natural regrowth and the coloured hair. This technique allows experienced colourists, like the team at Alchemy & I, to create a soft sun kissed natural look which offers less noticeable regrowth, perfect for the busy modern woman. Offering great light and shade within the hair which adds depth and texture without the need for a bold all over colour.

How Long Does Balayage Take?

As with most options when it comes to hair, this depends on the finished result, the condition of the original hair, whether any correction is needed before starting and the length and thickness of the hair itself. The depth of the Balayage can vary from a few small highlights to a full multi tonal approach over the whole hair. Discussing the Balayage look you are going for with the colour specialists at Alchemy & I is the best way to ensure you get the finish you are looking for.

How is Balayage Different to Traditional Colouring

Balayage does not use any foils and the colour is effectively hand painted on to your hair. This gives you a completely unique look, not able to be replicated on anyone else. The end result is intentionally less structured and uniform than traditional highlights which gives a much more natural feel. It avoids any striped look, especially if you are intending to go lighter than your natural hair colour. As the colour is painted on, it can be placed in a way that highlights and compliments your best features or distracts from others.

Why is Balayage so Popular

As with most trends, it started with celebrities and has been increasing in popularity in salons across the UK for the last few years. Kim Kardashian, Jennifer Lopez and Jessica Alba are just some of the celebrities who rock the Balayage look making it more popular than ever. This look can be achieved whether your hair is short or long, and because there is no harsh line between the colour and the natural hair regrowth clients can go longer between appointments if they need to.

Balayage in Berkhamsted

For great Balayage locks in Berkhamsted head to the creative professional colour team at Alchemy & I and get great hair in luxury surroundings. Whether you want a subtle or bold Balayage look the team will work with your hair to make it look healthy and beautiful.