If you want long, thick, swishy hair, you might be considering hair extensions. Hair extensions can look beautiful and natural, but it’s a big decision, as they do require a bit of upkeep, and they can be an adjustment to get used to.

Hair Extensions Berkhamsted

Here’s everything you need to know before you get hair extensions:

The Different Types of Hair Extensions

Hair extensions come in a few different styles. Clip-ins are ideal if you want something temporary to test out how they look but can be more visible in the hair. On the other hand, bonds and tapes are longer-lasting and more subtle but will require more time with your stylist for application and maintenance. Ask your stylist for advice on the best type for you. They’ll talk you through the process and help you to pick the most flattering extensions for you.

The Application Process is Simple

You will start by having a free 30-minute consultation beforehand with our specialist extensionist, where you’ll discuss length, thickness and colour. You should then expect to be in the salon for around two to three hours for application, depending on how many extensions you’ll be having and whether you’ll be having any colour work.

They Won’t Cause Damage

If you’re getting extensions professionally applied by a trained stylist, they won’t damage your hair. Cheaper hair extensions may cause problems, but your stylist can advise you on this. Your hair should be fine once your extensions are removed, so don’t worry that you may wreck your natural hair. Just make sure you continue to look after your natural hair.

You Will Have to Adjust Your Haircare Routine

Your hair care routine is going to be different from now on. You shouldn’t leave your hair extensions wet, so you’ll have to blow dry them every time you wash your hair. You’ll also use more of your hair products, as you’ll have more hair to work with. Make sure you take care of your natural hair, too. If your natural hair becomes dry or damaged, your extensions will look more prominent. It may take a little while to learn how to style your extensions, but once you’ve got the hang of it, it will be simple.

You might have to switch up your products, too. Look for sulphate-free shampoo and conditioning masks to keep your extensions (and your natural hair) in the best possible condition, or book in for regular Fusio Dose treatments in Alchemy & I’s Hair Spa. We’ll provide you with the ideal hairbrush to use, so always ensure to use it as it will keep you tangle-free while protecting your extensions.

You’ll Get Used to Them Quickly

While your new hair might feel odd initially, your hair extensions won’t feel uncomfortable or heavy to wear. So don’t worry about feeling pain or tugging after your extensions.

Good Extensions Take Time

The downside of great hair extensions is the price. Generally speaking, the higher quality you want, the more money you’ll have to pay. It’s worth investing in excellent hair extensions to minimise damage to your natural hair and create the most subtle look – talk to your stylist about the different price options.