If you’ve been dreaming of long, beautiful hair, have you considered hair extensions? If you are looking for a complete transformation in the way you look, hair extensions can be a great option.

Berkhamsted Hair Extensions

Thicker, fuller, longer hair can be achieved without the need to wait for it to grow and can be styled in the same way as your own hair. The Alchemy & I team in Berkhamsted are experts in hair extensions and have used the Beauty Works Hair Extensions to great effect for many of their clients.

Why Choose Beauty Works Hair Extensions

We love Beauty Works for lots of reasons – here are just a few of them:

High Quality – Beauty Works hair extensions are of an incredibly high quality. They are strong, and they use the finest hair, meaning you can expect great results each time.

Something to Suit Everyone – There are Beauty Works hair extensions to suit everyone – all hair types and textures can benefit from them!

Minimal Damage – They’re designed to be applied with minimum damage to your hair – if you’re worried about getting extensions in case your natural hair will be worse off in the long run, you won’t have to worry about it.

They’re Easy to Apply

Beauty Works extensions are pretty quick and easy to apply by a trained specialist. There are a few application methods available, including:

  • InvisiTapes – these are applied using tape, and they are known in the industry for being reliable and easy to use. Each strand of hair is held together using a very fine silk structure, and they offer a 9-month guarantee on their extensions with InvisiTape.
  • InvisiWeft – these are super comfortable and feel very natural to wear. They are designed to mimic hair re-growth right at the root, and they’re super thin, making them very discreet.
  • Nanobonding – these are tiny bonds that attach at the roots of your hair, using very tiny rings. Using finest hair, each strand fits with the colour coded rings, and it doesn’t involve glue, heat, or chemicals. These are a long-term solution, and they can be resized, with results lasting up to six months.
  • Celebrity Slimline Tape – these extensions are placed on the root of the hair using tape. It looks matte at the roots, which means they’re super-discreet. If you love wearing your hair up, these are great extensions to go for, as they won’t be noticeable with your hair up or down.
  • Flat Tips – these are super comfortable and discreet. Each strand is designed to be the perfect weight to add volume and length. They are attached using a heated tool, fusing the Keratin to your own hair. They’re super durable, designed to last even in water and in hot weather.

Huge Array of Colours and Lengths

There are so many colours to choose from. From several shades of blonde and brunette, to red, black, and silver, you should be able to find a shade that matches your hair perfectly.

You can also find Beauty Works extensions in several lengths – from 14 inches all the way through to 28 inches, you can go super-long if you want, or keep it at your natural length whilst adding volume.

Ethically Sourced Hair Extensions

Beauty Works offers ethically sourced hair extensions from all over the world. Raw hair comes from Malaysia, Vietnam, Mongolia, India, and China, and the hair is either donated, exchanged fairly, or sold in that region. So, you can trust that your hair extensions are ethical as well as beautiful!

If you are looking for hair extensions in Berkhamsted book your appointment today.