With all the talk of a cost-of-living crisis as we head into the 2022 winter, it’s no wonder that many people are looking to spruce up their hair and add a little glamour to their lives.

Berkhamsted Hairdresser

The good news is that hair trends have finally shaken off the last vestiges of the pandemic and we’re seeing a resurgence of many classics with new twists.

Let’s take a look at the best winter hair trends for 2022.

The Short Bob

Let’s face it, the short bob haircut has never really gone out of fashion and probably never will.

Easy to manage and great for all occasions, whether it’s work or popping down to the local nightclub, there are a few different variations to look out for. The shaggy bob looks carefree and relaxed while a more angular cut is perfect if you want to be the belle of the Christmas party.

Barbie World

It’s one of the hits of 2022 and it’s set to remain so for the rest of the year as we head into winter.

Barbiecore – pink stilettos and sparkly dresses topped by massive blonde locks – is more of a lifestyle choice than a fashion statement. The hair is long and voluminous with just the right amount of curl. Difficult to maintain but the perfect panacea for those cold winter days and nights, especially when you’re heading out on the town. While it’s high maintenance, it’s certainly designed to turn heads.

Return of the Pony

Ponytails often get a bad wrap, but they are the perfect solution for a winter night out on the town. High ponytails are becoming a favourite, especially when combined with a few strands of hair framing the face. It takes little to arrange and manage but looks as if you’ve taken hours over your appearance. It’s also a look that works in almost all scenarios.

The Pixie Cut

Feminist and pop-friendly, the pixie cut doesn’t suit all face shapes but it’s still a dramatic cut that helps you stand out from the crowd. It does work for all hair types, however, and is one of the most manageable cuts available.

If you want to look fab but don’t want to spend time messing with your hair, this is the perfect solution. Add a little eccentric colour and you can have that wow factor in the blink of an eye.

Browns and Highlights

Healthy colours are in over winter 2022 and honey brown is top of that list. Many are moving away from blondes and more exotic colours to create something natural and warm. Add in a few highlights and you have a great look that works day and night without you doing much else.

The Side Part

This is still a thing and the deeper the side part the better. In truth, it’s a look that either suits or doesn’t and can depend on the shape of your face. Adding in a clip or barrette can provide a bit of interest and definition if you don’t want your hair to look too flat.

This is a great look for nights on the town or those special occasions when you want to wow your audience.

Espresso Hair

Finally, colours have gone a little darker over the last 12 months and Espresso is still a big favourite into the winter. Rich and full of body, it’s the kind of colouring that gives you a sense of power and energy.